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Simply join for free, post your job, and start receiving Quotes. Use the Find Freelancers tool to get Quotes from quality Freelancers.

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    Find quality Freelancers in the Guru marketplace using objective performance data.


Making Serious Hiring

Manage Your Freelancing Needs

Review, compare and select the best Freelancers for your job.

  • Evaluate Quotes

    Browse Quotes that you receive and review the Freelancers' profiles for performance, feedback, portfolio and earnings statistics.

  • Finalize the Agreement

    Select the Freelancer(s) you want to hire and come to an Agreement on the scope of work, Payment terms and timeline.

  • Hire a Freelancer in one click

    Start working with your Freelancers in dedicated WorkRooms as soon as you hire them.


Manage Teams & Pay

Use WorkRooms to manage Freelancers and keep track of progress.

When you put money in SafePay, your Freelancer sees that funds are available before starting work and you feel confident that you can review work before making a payment.

  • Build your team & Enhance Productivity

    Hire multiple Freelancers for a job and assign roles to your team members to keep things running smoothly. Manage files, team members, communication, and payments in one place.

  • Keep track of progress

    Use status updates to track work progress and time tracked by hourly Freelancers. You have the flexibility to edit your Agreement with a Freelancer if the job requirements change after the work has started.

  • Pay with ease using automatic payments

    Use AutoPay to pay the Freelancer automatically when an invoice is outstanding. We offer four convenient payment options: credit/debit card, PayPal, eCheck (U.S. only) and wire transfer.