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  • February 26, 2021

8 Hour Power Platform Training

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Task summary: Create and execute a training to teach 3-4 students (with varying levels of Power Platforms experience) an overview of how to use Dataverse, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI. To teach, you should use one example app/project that uses all 4 tools from start to finish. Schedule: 2-day training, 4 hours of training per day (not including breaks, TBD). Out of the total 8 hours of training, 25% of the time should be allocated to 4 Q&A sections, conducted after reviewing each of the 4 tools. Training format: Should be a mix of lectures/demonstrations and hands-on exercises (done together with the instructor and/or after lectures/demonstrations). Other deliverables: A PowerPoint/Word document that contains an overview of all the topics/strategies discussed with helpful (annotated, if needed) screenshots. Administrative: You will use your own computer and software to join the client’s Microsoft Teams meeting. Note: The client’s Power Platform is licensed through the Azure government cloud, so may be different than commercial versions, but the Platform functionalities themselves should be the same. Team members/the instructor can clarify if discrepancies occur that may be caused by permission differences. ---------------------------- Training should cover the following topics: Dataverse • Creating and publishing multiple tables, besides the standard auto-generated ones, and import data from different data sources (native connectors, such as Excel, SQL, SharePoint, etc., or Power Automate method) to each. • Define different table relationships and explain how they work. • Define new columns with different data types and explain, at a high level, special column types, such as look up, primary key, alternate key, and auto numbering fields. • Demonstrate, at a high level, on creating views and logics Power Apps • Demonstrate building of model-driven app and canvas app for the example application • Demonstrate commonly used components used by the two types of apps • Include commonly used UI elements (with more than couple of types of Controls) for the two types of apps • Demonstrate use of different types of logics (i.e., workflow, Business Process Flow, Power Automate Flow, Business Rules, etc.) in the app • Demonstrate use of data visualization using Power BI in the app (can also include standard charts if it makes sense). Power Automate • Demonstrate use of standard flows already available out-of-the-box • Demonstrate building of flows for the app and how to add to the app • Demonstrate flows run on a schedule (recurring) • Demonstrate flows that require hand offs by another party (at least one hand-off) • Demonstrate flows that extracts attachment or content from emails Power BI • Include or embed Power BI dashboard in the app • App in Power BI dashboard • High level Power BI development cycle (include sharing) walkthrough Optional • High level Power Virtual Agent demo • High level AI Builder demo

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Developer QA Speciallist


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